Feed for Google Shopping/Local Products

Please complete the form below. Also, PLEASE read all descriptions and answer as accurately as possible.

Business Phone Verification

Please enter your business phone number. A call from Google will be placed to verify the business phone number. An automated code will be provided during the call; this code must be emailed back to us at [email protected].
Preferred Day to Receive the Verification Call(Required)
Time Preference to Receive the Verification Call (times are in CST)(Required)

Shipping Information

Provide an estimate of the time taken for handling before shipping (e.g., 3-5 days) - the lower the better on this.
Provide an estimate of the delivery time post-handling (e.g., 5-10 days) - the lower the better on this.
Indicate if free shipping is offered and if the specific shipping rate will be discussed directly with the customer (Google does not offer much flexibility here so we recommend offering free shipping and then discussing it with the customer).

Tax Information

Please specify if sales tax is charged for only in-state buyers.(Required)
Please specify anything else we need to know if necessary.
Google Verification Code must be emailed to [email protected]. Subject line should be: (Dealership Name) - Google Merchant Verification Code
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